How many stories can you tell with one photo?
King was adopted at 18 months. Due to all the photography; taken by her birth, foster and adoptive family, she has countless memories of her life.
At the tender age of 11, King’s curiosity for photography grew. Playing with her uncle’s professional camera led to her photography company today.
She was gifted her first camera at the age of 15. Using family members, friends, puppies and nature as her muse, trained her eye in photography.
In 2019, King and her little brother Larry started working together. The photography company once known as Adopted Shots was slowly turning into a family business. Unexpectedly, Larry took his wings in the Summer of 2020. People say time heals all and everyone’s grieving process is different.
King decided to keep capturing moments for others. Also, rebrand Adopted Shots photography in honor of Larry. 
As of December 19, 2020 we are BroKid Pics. “BroKid” a mix between brother and kid, a meaningful nickname given to Larry by King.
“I love telling stories in many forms. Right now, photography is one of them. When I’m not doing photography, I’m teaching my dogs new tricks. I love watching animated movies. I miss rock climbing too. I just have to being doing something. 
Like, capturing moments, documenting our history. I have so many photos of my little brother that my family captured. The ones through my lens leave me speechless. One photo can hold a thousand memories.”
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